Saturday, June 4, 2016

Technology & Advocacy

The resources here are intended for use with Module 1 for LIS 648.  
Module 1 has two parts - Discussion and Introduction Activity


Students should read/view the resources on the Padlet below and respond to the question posted on the discussion board on Canvas. 

Advocacy Resources

  Introduction Activity

Introduce yourself using either an infographic or a graphic design too like Canva.  Your introduction should include: who you are, background about your career, and interests, and why you chose to become a librarian.  See Canvas for the rubric.

Suggested Tools:

Example use of Infographic

Example use of Graphics from Canva

Example logo I created for my library to help brand our library on Social Media.

Example of artwork created in Canva for social media channels.

 Example handout I created using Canva for a professional development session.
























Tools I Used This Week

To put together this module, you will see examples of how you might use:
Padlet -  padlet is an online bulletin board type application that allows you to post discussion, organize links or brainstorm with others.  It is great for using with students under the age of 13, because you do not have to log in to collaborate or add content to a board.  It could be a good tool for sharing resources quickly with students.
Blogger - you can easily create a blog with a Google account.  I like this tool because it integrates nicely with YouTube and image upload.
Piktochart -  you can sign up to use Piktochart for free, which is what I do.  It does take some time to get used to using, but there are plenty of great templates to choose from to get you started. They do offer educational pricing if you wanted to upgrade.
Canva - this is an all around good graphic design tool that allows you to make anything from profile picture to a resume channel, to Youtube channel art.    There are plenty of templates available for free - or a for low price you can buy access to graphics you might need.

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